765x365_Fiction_0417I will be using this blog to share chapters of my novel and I do encourage feedback from all visitors. This novel is very loosely based on my life story. I have changed names, places, the order events happened in and who actually did what, in order to protect the identity of the people involved in the story of my life, whether their involvement was positive or negative.

Love, Life, Lies & Religion is centered around Niesee. It follows her from the time she was 5 years old, when she began being molested to adulthood when she has become the owner of a billion dollar conglomerate and an Prophetess/Evangelist. It explores all of highs, lows, pitfalls, bad choices, joys and wins in between.

LLLR explores the story of Niesee being bullied, molested, raped, homeless and abused. It explores her having her children deceitfully taken from her, jealousy from fake friends, insecurities, adultery and the many bad choices and decisions she made. Niesee would also experience baby mama drama from Chocoalet’s (her 1st baby daddy and eventual husband) baby mamas.

But it wasn’t all bad for Niesee. There was certainly good times, laughter, joy friends family and loved ones she holds dear to her. There were blessings, favor, and the Lord preparing her for ministry. Hold on and be prepared to go along for the ride.